Ghosts Of Summers Past Up The Torpel Way

The melancholy month of October is upon us. Max and Jane have been out capturing the mood of those misty mornings feeling nostalgic about the Summer that has moved on like a past lover.  The remnants of a glorious rampant summer growth stand tall and dignified bearing seed heads and fruit, bare stems of giant Hogweed etch architectural lines against the skies. Their drained colours subtle, subdued and restrained compared to the riot of summers floral palette.

Bridleway Near Oxey Wood

Bridleway Near Oxey Wood

Natural pigments find their place again where smudging Ochres and Earth colours prepares the ground for the sketch. 

Ghostly silhouettes appear against a scumbled background revealing a statuesque quality - standing majestic amongst the rambling brambles at their feet.

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