28th September 'Just A Card' Campaign: Thank you for buying our cards

The Just A Card campaign is designed to support the creative industries.  We are delighted when folk visit our studios, not only do we get a chance to show our work and get to know you, we are also happy when you want to buy our work and continue to follow what we do. Buying a card provides an accessible way to engage and support an artist's work. Thank you to all the people who came to our open studio in June,  some days were much busier than others, it was gratifying when even on those quieter days people went away with greetings cards direct from the artist, it made those days really worthwhile.

Take a look at what's involved in the Kombisketchtour's cards "Fresh From The Field" Part 1

Click the image to find out more about Just A Card 

Click the image to find out more about Just A Card 

The happy duo make a pitstop on the A47 towards Morcott where they discover a field margin full of poppies.  In this case the 'peg doll' artists make a speedy sketch in less than 10 seconds to capture the wonderful array of bobbing poppy heads.

And now Fresh From The Field a selection of Kombisketchtour cards:

Greeting Cards Kombisketchtour

For more information about our Fresh From The Field Cards click here

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