Kombisketchtour Coverage With Fiona And Clive

What a week.  It was great to welcome aboard freelance journalist Fiona Cumberpatch and photographer Clive Doyle to document a typical day with Kombisketchtour.  Well, as you know, no two days are the same on tour...

In the shelter of the studio we chatted with Fiona about our work and the tour then we hit the road for some wild and windy drawing and painting to give Clive a chance to take his photos. 

The location was a dream, a swirling mass of pink white and yellow flowers with the remaining seed heads silhouetted against a dramatic cloudy sky. The colours were vivid and jostling in a frothy frenzy. A great Kombisketchtour location.

Meticulous attention was paid to the details of the practice and the materials, not to mention subject, the artists and even the campervan.

Hitting a top speed  in the campervan 50 (ish) to get blurry window shots as we sped along we are wondering what the final piece will look like. Watch this space for more updates.

Fiona & Clive 2.JPG