Wild Goings On In The Heart Of Town

Spent the day preparing our thorny theme for Art Pop-Up's "ART Windows".

Thanks to Sam Roddan for inviting Kombisketchtour to participate in the project which is funded by Stamford Town Council and adorns the panes of five Georgian windows in Ironmonger's Street, Stamford with vinyl artwork.

Our prickly images show enlarged details of observational sketches drawn directly from the hedgerow. They reflect the season, bringing a taste of the wild into the heart of the town, tempting everyone to take a ramble through the brambles and admire the trophies and treasures of autumn. 

These " Wild" ART Windows will be seen on Ironmongers Street, Stamford, Lincs very soon! 

Stamford Art Windows - Ramble Through The Brambles

Stamford Art Windows - Ramble Through The Brambles