Foraging For Natural Art Materials

The Kombisketchtour appetite for natural drawing materials is growing! From investigating the wild surroundings' endless possibilities are presenting themselves for pigments, 2D and 3D work.

From first using twigs and teasels as drawing instruments we have progressed to using the sculptural potential of dried grasses and weeds. We have discovered the wonders of natural ground earth pigments from a France and the colourful possibilities of turmeric and tea! 

Thank you to 'Petal' the sheep for donating her fleece to the Kombisketchtour cause and the horses in the adjacent livery yard have contributed tail hair of many beautiful colours.

We love the multipurpose materials that nature provides and are squirrelling them away ready for winter!

More recently we have collected the papery bark of Silver Birch trees; twigs and branches are next on the sculptural menu along with thistle heads. 

Tell us what you are hoarding away for the winter months? 

Loadsa Birch

Loadsa Birch